2020年秋冬新作 スウェットシャツ スナップボタン テッドマン TDSWJ-400 新品 ネイビー エフ商会 TEDMAN-その他

2020年秋冬新作 スウェットシャツ スナップボタン テッドマン TDSWJ-400 新品 ネイビー エフ商会 TEDMAN-その他

テッドマン スナップボタン スウェットシャツ TDSWJ-400 TEDMAN エフ商会 ネイビー 新品




そのエフ商会・TEDMAN'S(テッドマンズ)の、スウェットジャケット(メンズ スナップボタンスウェットシャツ ライトアウター)です。











作品名は「Lot no:TDSWJ-400 LUCKY RED DEVIL ラッキーレッドデビル」です。


Product Description in English

TEDMAN Snap Button Sweatshirt TDSWJ-400 Men's No Hood

"TEDMAN" is a Japanese American casual clothing brand founded by EFU-SHOKAI in Japan.
And its focus is on casual wears for mens with character motif of tedman.

TEDMAN (lucky red devil) originated in an american tattoo and us military squadron insignia (squadron emblems) during the world war II. It is said that bad luck is blown off by the flames blowing out from tedman's mouth.

The brand produces American casual styles with modern silhouettes, materials, and details.

Not just a simple revival of American casual items, the brand draws inspiration from the functionality and beautiful designs of American casual style while offering standard Japanese sizes.

The clothing is customized to give added casual style for wear in urban settings and use in town. That match today's taste.

Here is one piece from the Tedman brand : Set-in-sleeve snap button placket printed sweat-shirt with striped rib for men.

The material is 100% cotton ring spun sweatshirt fabric (sweat material).

This comfortable sweatshirt has snap button placket with athletic styling that's just right on the streets.
The full athletic cut gives freedom of movement.

The material expresses a unique used look with subdued discoloration and a faded, vintage feel, as though it has been worn for many years.

Front snap button closure.

The striped knit rib cuffs, collar, and waistband are comfortable and flexible.

The ribbed patches on both sides provide increased mobility.

There are hand-warmer slash pockets on the waist.

Patterns are discharge printed.
Discharge printing : The pattern bleached into the fabric and then dyed in colours that apply to the pattern. it brings out a soft and a dry touch feelings.

Model name: TEDMAN Snap Button Sweatshirt TDSWJ-400 Men's No Hood.

*This item has been specially treated to produce a vintage-like effect.
Note that this is entirely consistent with the vintage effect and is intentional.

*Note that tumble drying should be avoided, as it can cause the garment to lose shape, fray, or shrink.

Made in China
Brand-new, new condition with tags.
It is a japanese standard size. it is smaller than american standard size.
The model is wearing size Medium. Height:5feet 9inch(1.75m), weight:139pound(64kg)

*All measurements are taken with the garment flat on the ground.
*Sleeve length is taken from the center back of the neck.
*Please understand that measurements may vary somewhat.
*Note that actual color may be slightly different from one in the photo.

tedman-rodeo-japan efu-shokai-rodeo-japan

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2020年秋冬新作 スウェットシャツ スナップボタン テッドマン TDSWJ-400 新品 ネイビー エフ商会 TEDMAN-その他

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